1. Basic rules


1.1. These regulations are a legal contract between buyer and seller, which establish the rights and obligations, the acquisition of goods and paid for it, delivery, duties, etc , in online shop letsgo.lt

1.2. Internet shop work only on the territory of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia.

1.3. Buy our online store can :

1.3.1. Individuals who have reached the age of majority;

1.3.2. Minors under the age of fourteen to eighteen years of age, only with the permission of parents or guardian, except in cases when they dispose of their own income;

1.3.3. Juridical persons;

1.4. Buyer, by placing an order is deemed to accept the rules described in the purchase and in accordance with the first Second above shall be entitled to purchase goods online store.
1.5. The agreement between the Buyer and the seller may be concluded from the moment the Buyer e-shop formed a shopping cart, specified delivery address, select payment method and familiar with the rules of Seller, click on "Confirm Order".


2. Buying


2.1. The contract between the seller and the buyer shall be considered concluded from the moment when the buyer after selecting an item (s) and add it to your cart by clicking the "Pay" button.

2.2. Each contract of sale is recorded and stored online database stores data.


3. Prices of goods, order and terms of payment


3.1. Prices of goods in online store and order formed in Euro including VAT.

3.2. Payment by bank transfer - money transfer to the bank account UAB Žalioji gryčia

3.3 Cash - buyers will give the whole amount to the courier.


4 Final provisions.
4.1. These Rules have been defined in accordance with the valid laws and regulations of Republic of Lithuania.
4.2. Any controversy comes on the enforcement of these rules shall be settled by negotiation. Failing agreement, the disagreements are resolved in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Lithuania.